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Essay Format HELP

Attached you will find Powerpoint presentations that explain the various elements of the essay format. (You must have the Powerpoint program on your computer to read these files. You can also print them out.)

Remember, essay format includes a THESIS (something to prove), CDs (evidence to prove the thesis) and CM (Commentary to tie them all together, to show why the CD proves the THESIS.)

(BT) Dorothy is an innocent girl used for ambitious purposes by the Good Witch.
(CD) For example, Glinda puts the ruby slippers on her feet without permission.
(CM) This shows that Glinda has an agenda, a reason that she chooses Dorothy to be the wearer of the forbidden slippers.
(CM) As a longtime resident of OZ, she must know that the slippers will cause Dorothy trouble, but she doesn’t seem to think about that.

THe COMMENTARY should explain why Glinda putting the slippers on Dorothy’s feet proves that Dorothy was ‘used” by the Good Witch.






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